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Python is a high level programming language which has an increasing reputation during the last few decades. It was originally created by Guido van Rossum, and first released in February 1991. The language was developed under an open source license administered by the Python Software Foundation (PSF). It can be freely distributed and used by programmers under many operating systems.

Python addresses the problems of many people from a wide range of areas including all fields of engineering branches, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and even programmers from social sciences. It has applications regarding web and internet development, databases, software development, scientific and numerical computing, digital image processing, graphical user interfaces and some others that attract many users from different backgrounds and areas of study.

In this course, the programmers not only will learn the fundamentals of Python, but also the general approach to the algorithms. By finishing this course, the programmers will become ready for the upcoming topics in this program.  © All rights reserved.

In this course, programmers will master the general programming concepts in Python. After finishing this course, the users will be ready for the next topics, Developing GUI Applications with Tkinter & PyQt5, and Data Analysis in Python using Pandas and Numpy.